New Red Order (NRO)

New Red Order (NRO) is a public secret society facilitated by core contributors Adam Khalil (Ojibway), Zack Khalil (Ojibway), and Jackson Polys (Tlingit). Working with an interdisciplinary network of informants—including Ashley Byler, Driftnote, Jim Fletcher, Inpatient Press, KITE, Jeremy Pheiffer, Gaile Pranckunaite, Walker Schiff, Walter Scott, Rezarta Seferi, Bayley Sweitzer, Virgil Taylor, and others—the NRO co-produces video, performance, and installation works that confront settler colonial tendencies and obstacles to Indigenous growth and agency.

“New Red Order raises important questions for institutions as they adapt to cultural and technological landscapes that are evolving rapidly, in tandem,” says Pat Elifritz, Curator of New Media and Technology at MOCAD and curator of Daily Rush Season 4. “Their work is critical, imaginative, and presents a unique perspective on the instrumental role of digital culture and emerging technologies in defining debates around the enterprise of settler colonialism.”

Image New Red Order
Savage Philosophy Lecture
HD video, 4:36 min