Essay’d Pandemic Edition #2 Gracie Xavier

Our second “Pandemic Edition” features the following thought-provoking comments on the current crisis from artist Gracie Xavier. Gracie is also the subject of a wonderful article by Kristin Palm, which can be found on the Essay’d Website. We hope that you enjoy both the essay and Gracie’s thoughts.

Detroit Cultural Crisis Survey – Gracie Xavier
Sent by e-mail on April 5

1. How has the crisis affected your practice?
Unable to obtain materials 
Realizing how isolated I am in the creative community and having to learn to network and make new connections without community
Pivoting work to respond to the times and creating avenues to support my fellow creatives while in isolation
Learning to pivot and finds new ways of generating revenue 
becoming an advocate  

2. What is the role of culture in a time of crisis?
Providing an outlet – an escape 
creating space for connection and storytelling 
Bringing awareness and highlighting injustice
Collaborative social action
Celebrating innovation, creativity, people and life
Providing a frame and perspective in which to analyze current event
Building bridges

3. How has the crisis affected you economically?
Current opportunities canceled – unable to work as third party contractor and teaching artist – lost revenue