Q: How has the crisis affected your everyday life?

A: As a dancer, I’m a member of a couple of companies that gather to rehearsal several times a week and we perform for audiences. All of this has been canceled. All rehearsals and shows have been canceled. I’ve been creating solo dance videos every Monday. My company, CathyAndCompany, will stay together and we will probably start creating a weekly company class to share with the dance community.

Q: How has the crisis affected your practice?

A: I’m completely out of work & my side hustles are canceled too. The first gig that got canceled, I paid the company dancers (we were in route when it got canceled). I’ve lost income from 3 shows so far. I don’t think I’ll be able to monetize anything online.

Q: What is the role of culture in a time of crisis?

A: Culture unites, entertains, and educates. Engaging in culture can help with mental health, increase a sense of well being (as much as one can right now), and help people feel connected to others.


Name: Cathy
Age: 49
Occupation: I’m staying at home. Pretty much everything I would normally engage in has been canceled.