Q: How has the crisis affected your everyday life?

A: I lost most of my work. Though I am blessed in my health and the health of my immediate family, with a wave of global grief and uncertainty about how long this will go on and what life will look like on the other side of it, it is a constant struggle not to feel overwhelmed and panicked.

Q: How has the crisis affected your practice?

A: Constantly preoccupied by what’s going on, it’s very difficult to focus on my craft. Despite the abundance of time, I’m writing little.

Q: How has the crisis affected you economically?

A: My income is about a third of what it was in February. As a teacher, this is typically my busy season. I will likely be making very little until the fall, depending on if schools reopen and social distancing is relaxed.

Q: What is the role of culture in a time of crisis?

A: Recognizing each other in a time where our ways of connecting and gathering are restricted. Finding beauty.


Age: 34
Occupation: writer and teaching artist (contracted)