Q: How has the crisis affected your everyday life?

A: Besides being physically cut off from the world, life has almost grinded to a halt. I’ve learned that the stimulation that one finds from going out, from seeing and hearing other people, is more reinvigorating that I ever understood. It has made me reconsider my previously reclusive lifestyle. What I’ve found most reassuring was this renewed sense of comraderie online. Social media was usually an alienating experience but now it’s a place of shared humanity working through a crisis.

Q: How has the crisis affected your practice?

A: The reclusive nature of creating art is unchanged by the virus. You find people considering art not essential during times of economic hardship.

Q: How has the crisis affected you economically?


Q: What is the role of culture in a time of crisis?

A: Culture is always in a state of flux but it seems during a crisis it always takes on a more contemplative form.


Name: Dionne
Age: 32
Occupation: Intern