Q: How has the crisis affected your everyday life?

A: I am most affected by not being able to interact with others.
It is unsettling to not be able to visit with my parents or friends.
It has caused me to invest much time into rebuilding how I approach teaching art.
It has resulted in a structure of walking outside everyday from 10am to 11am.

Q: How has the crisis affected your practice?

A: I am still able to work in the studio.
With so many projects to work on, I cannot relate to those who claim to feel bored during this pandemic.

Q: How has the crisis affected you economically?

A: While some teaching work has transitioned to online emails or FaceTime appointments, other work has been altogether cancelled. Scheduled workshops and tours are lost income.

Q: What is the role of culture in a time of crisis?

A: Culture functions to reflect the circumstances of our times.
Culture’s fruit can serve to support people in various ways and can reveal new understandings of the world around us.


Name: RRZ
Age: 42
Occupation: Artist / Educator