Q: How has the crisis affected your everyday life?

A: Much of my time is spent in the studio, but with the coming of spring, my studio extends to the town around me. I don’t know how or if that process will happen this season.
When painting outside I do not encourage much dialogue, but some interaction is inevitable. It does have an impact in the paintings; that is ultimately about community translated into form.
I am imbedding in the transition of the season. The weather is not predictable, nor is the community. It is precisely the right time to asses the interaction of space, form and community , in a time of stress for all these elements.

Q: How has the crisis affected your practice?

A: My practice is about the intersection of community-space-and form. That intersection is being stressed during this time. It is my hope that this stress will be considered within the work. It is a compelling time to be working with these issues.

Q: How has the crisis affected you economically?

A: I live modestly, and now more modestly than ever. So far I have been able to buy the paint and equipment I need.

Q: What is the role of culture in a time of crisis?

A: Culture is a major component of my assessment of Community. It is what matters and what will guide me through this.


Name: nancy flanagan
Age: over 60
Occupation: Painter